Getting a bit nasty now.

Apple is lobbying to bring some of its *billions* back to America, at a criminally low tax rate.

Apple is placating China by (allegedly) doing whatever China asks for re security — why do you really think Tim Cook had to rush back over there and China mysteriously held up the launch of iPhone 6?

FBI still pissed that Apple didn’t provide them with a backdoor — with good reason, if not necessarily the right reasons.

Now, surprise, the US cyber squad publicly warns of an iPhone security vulnerability.

The U.S. Computer Readiness Team said hackers could substitute a bogus version of a legitimate app by using the same “bundle identifier,” a unique number that is registered with Apple and identifies the app. The malicious app could even mimic the look of the authentic app to gain access to the user’s login and sensitive information stored on the device.

The exploit is possible because Apple’s iOS mobile operating system does not enforce matching certificates for apps with the same bundle identifier, according to the US-CERT.

These are not coincidences, dear reader. This is why you come here, to learn of such things.