Time For New Apple Myths

Steve Jobs is dead.

Apple hasn’t been pirate since Year 2 of iPod.

There’s no bigger, richer company on the planet.

CEO meets regularly with top officials in China.

And his biggest hires, bar none, have come from high-priced fashion concerns.

Oh, and per Apple Insider, the company is so big and rich that it’s dropping another $161  million on an additional auditorium and $74 million on another gym for its employees.

One more thing: the great Woz says that whole Apple started in a garage myth? Yeah, not true.

Prediction: the Echo Chamber will start coming up with all new myths and magical words — that delight! — that are proof, proof I say, that Apple has *always* been that way and *always* will be.

Protecting us against hackers. Delight. Only Apple. Diversity. You get the idea.

The old myths simply cannot be sustained. New ones will be required.

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