Samsung copied! The new drinking game.

Apple directly copied Samsung. I told you how great phablets are. Fanboys said iPhone was the perfect size. Till Apple made a Samsung-like phablet.

Pandora and Spotify are great. Possibly disruptive. Apple is copying them.

This is business. Someone innovates. Others copy.

Samsung had a smartwatch before Apple.

So what? So the fuck what. Businesses copy each other.

Yet growed men MANY GROWED ASS MEN are whining WHINING LIKE TODDLERS FUCKING CRYING TODDLERS because Samsung has copied parts of an Apple commercial.

I’ll drop truth on you now: if you are crying because Samsung has copied parts of an Apple commercial you don’t care about details or quality or fit and finish or innovation nearly as much as you claim. You care most about branding and feeling special.

This is the truth.