It’s twins!

Twins! Really? Oh my God.

Zach hugged his dear wife. He kissed her. She was amazing. And he knew how blessed he was.

Marissa was attractive, smart, low-maintenance, and rich. Crazy rich. Hundreds of millions of dollars rich.

How long are you going to take off work?

Two weeks.

Two weeks! For twins? Marissa…

Don’t pretend to be so disappointed.

She could always tell when he was lying, and he was. He loved his wife nearly all of the time but she never stopped, not even at home, not even after giving birth. And she expected this of everyone, including him. It was exhausting. Still, he had a part to play.

I just think two weeks is not enough time, not after twins.

Marissa studied her shoe closet carefully. She would need more. She had already calculated exactly how much weight she should gain, which was simply too much, but still needed new shoes to accommodate for the temporary changes in her body.


She was too focused on the shoes.

Marissa? Everyone will say that two weeks is not long enough. They’ll say you’re setting a bad example, that other women can’t afford nannies or have a daycare built special for them at the office. They’ll ask you the same questions a million times. You probably won’t get any work done, anyways.

No. I’ll ignore all that.

She examined a pair of expensive pink flats. Something like this, she thought.

Oh, fuck, Zack thought. What about me? That’s three children. He loved his first child, a boy, and assumed he would love the next two just as much, obviously. Still, three children. Their life, his life, at least, as it was now, was ideal. Money, fame, travel, able to do whatever he wanted, and without any of the required work. He had just enough credentials so that no one could suggest this wasn’t a marriage of equals, which of course it wasn’t.

The six they had on staff were probably enough, though Marissa would no doubt demand they hire more. He wouldn’t be burdened with the many messy bits of child-rearing. Still, it would be a change in his life, a life he was very pleased with. You can’t just fly off to Monaco for a party. Hell, you can’t just be chauffeured down to Atherton for a party, not when you have three young children. People will talk.

Besides, what would girls be like. Their son was like him, which he loved, but a girl? Fuck. Two girls? Was it even possible they could be as demanding as their mother?

He decided it wasn’t possible.

He then wondered just how much of the parenting would fall on him, the stuff that wasn’t for the staff or the nannies. There would be new demands. Marissa had an endless supply of demands. Hell, even the Yahoo board had no idea, even now. Marissa had every intention of spending literally all their billions. She had already devised multiple 10 and 20-year plans, all requiring every penny of Yahoo’s shockingly large bank account. She also had no intention of leaving until the plans had come to fruition and Yahoo was a leader in social and mobile and search and storage and television and advertising, and anything new that came down the pike. Stupid fuckers. They had no idea when they hired her. They expected her to work some Google magic, which she always knew was impossible. They had no idea she had far grander plans. Yahoo would be the Apple of everything digital. Zack knew it would never work, it was foolhardy, and that once the board finally realized the scope of Marissa’s ambition, the breadth of her eagerness to spend their money, it would be too late. Only she could run such a beast. Oh, well. That was their problem.

What do you think of these?

They were a pair of multi-color flats, the kind she spent several thousand dollars on, the kind she had several dozen pairs of already.

I’m not sure. Try them on. Let me see.

He knew he was going to say he liked them.

She put them on.

I like them.

She appeared dissatisfied.

No. They’re not right. Are you sure there are no twins on your side of the family?

What? Positive.

Marissa had yet to account for the anomaly. The pregnancy had been planned down to the day, but twins were not expected. She had pored over the medical data, family history. It must be Zach’s side, she decided, not that she was upset. Rather, it was unplanned, an outlier. Her brain would not tolerate that.

What about Alibaba?

What about them?

They’re Chinese. You’re a woman, now pregnant, pregnant with twins. Will that impact how they view you, how they view Yahoo?

She gave him a puzzled look?

What do their thoughts matter to me?