Freedom is a road seldom traveled by the multitudes 

You hear that the CEO of Google made a “bold” and “public” statement revealing his “moral leadership” and you know, you know without having to find out what was actually said, that it was absolutely *not* about defending Christians or conservatives nor, you suspect, would *any* of the many bloggers, reporters, and others publicly praising the CEO’s “bold” and “public” “moral leadership” have done so if it had been.

Are there really no Christians left in Silicon Valley?

Were all the conservatives forced underground?

When the CEO of Mozilla was fired for contributing to the majority side of the two-sided gay marriage proposition in California, was that the moment that all conservatives save me decided it was safer to say nothing, to live a lie, and turn a blind eye to what they know is wrong, to what they know is an assault on their beliefs, and on the lives and values of their parents and grandparents?

Is a good job in Silicon Valley really now only available to those who are willing to check off the many tick-boxes that the progressive, pro-diversity HR managers have placed before them? How does the conservative applicant hide his actual views? And alter his appearance — to look more Occupy than Occidental?

You read the CEO’s statement. You know you must. Sundar Pichai, CEO of Google, boldly declares: “Let’s not let fear defeat our values”

Yes! Finally! Moral leadership. Let’s stop being afraid! Damn the silence. After all, you know the truth, you know what’s best for you, your family, this great nation. You know what has enabled Silicon Valley to achieve its global leadership, even as all these traits are under direct, constant assault.

Pichai opens with:

I came to the US from India 22 years ago. I was fortunate enough to gain entry to a university here, and time after time, I saw that hard work opened other doors. I have built a career and a family and a life here. And I’ve felt as much a part of this country, as I felt growing up in India.

Yes! Finally! A brave CEO in Silicon Valley ready to go on record to put an end to all this “diversity” nonsense, and the incessant, insipid drive to CHANGE THE CULTURE! Because here is yet another example of someone who succeeded in America because he was very smart and worked very hard and took many risks. Full stop.

Only…Pichai says nothing about the foolish, destructive drive to hire based on a person’s (stated) race(s) and (stated) gender(s). No, his “bold” stance is about immigration.

Fair enough, there’s much to be said about immigration.

It’s been said a million times that America is the “land of opportunity” — for millions of immigrants, it’s not an abstract notion, but a concrete description of what we find here.

Finally! A Silicon Valley CEO ready to go on record with how America’s current immigration policy is irreparably broken, and we need someone, anyone, willing to say so — despite the many slings and arrows and charges of RACISM!

Only, he doesn’t. At all.

America was victimized by yet another terrorist attack. This latest one, just this month, took place in San Bernadino. Will Pichai demand we slow down the obviously broken vetting process of immigrants from the Middle East? To keep us safe? To protect our families and our nation?


There are about 40 million immigrants in America. Legally. That’s more than the populations of Canada and New Zealand combined. Will Pichai take the bold, public stance, one fully revealing his moral leadership by saying that, just perhaps, America needs to slow the flow of immigrants?


There are approximately 13 million – 25 million *illegal* immigrants in this country. At the very least, Pichai will state the obvious that America, indeed any nation, can’t allow unchecked millions of people to flow into its nation. That would destroy the culture, gut employment among the poorer and working class, and pose a clear and present security threat to every citizen and legal immigrant.

On all these, Pichai remains silent. Instead, he wags his finger at those who dare speak up on these pressing issues.

That is why it’s so disheartening to see the intolerant discourse playing out in the news these days — statements that our country would be a better place without the voices, ideas and the contributions of certain groups of people, based solely on where they come from, or their religion.


Maybe he’s also a liar, as he then trots out the same tired and verifiably false trope about diversity that you’ve been forced to ingest repeatedly:

We are urgently working to become much more diverse, because it’s so important to our future success. I firmly believe that whether you’re building a company or leading a country, a diverse mix of voices and backgrounds and experiences leads to better discussions, better decisions, and better outcomes for everyone.


Diversity didn’t create Google — that was 3 very smart, very hardworking heterosexual white males.

Diversity didn’t create Android — also created by a white male.

Diversity didn’t create YouTube.

Diversity didn’t create *anything* at Google that has altered the world or added a dollar to the company’s bottom-line.

It seems as if I’m the lone voice willing to state these truths. Which is also why the way Pichai, the multi-millionaire CEO of Google, closes his post made me realize I must continue to speak up:

I debated whether to post this, because lately it seems that criticism of intolerance just gives more oxygen to this debate.


Absolutely not.

The only “intolerance” is that those who dare to think even slightly differently than Pichai and most of today’s Silicon Valley insiders are silenced, fired, never hired, and in all other ways prevented from speaking up.

Will any Silicon Valley CEO state this truth?

Probably not anytime soon.

But I will.

Where was Pichai’s public statment when Christians were being slaughtered — for being Christian?

Ah, but that was outside the US! True. But where was Mr. Pichai — and all who have gladhanded him for his moral leadership — when the government of the United States was driving Christians out of business for the crime of living their values? Religious tolerance, after all.

Where was Pichai when Google’s own YouTube helped reveal that abortion providers in America, in the 21st century, were always willing to abort a healthy 7-month fetus? No moral leadership then? Shouldn’t there be? After all, the *majority* of legal and illegal persons in America are opposed to this. Must we be allowed to speak up only when it affirms the progressive cause du jour?

Pichai states: “America, after all, was and is a country of immigrants.”

No. This is not true. America was and is a country of gun owners. Do we continue this? America was and is a country that has almost always tried to limit who could enter this great nation. America was and is a country that wisely, rationally and for its own betterment, constructed an immigration policy based on whether or not that potential immigrant would aid the nation’s prosperity and security and would be willing and able to acclimate into the larger culture.

On all these, Pichai is silent.

Forget Pichai. What about you? I understand the money’s good, but what else are they doing to you that cows you into silence?