Blackberry Passport – the Smartphone for the 1%

I am a long-time lover of Blackberry. The new Blackberry Passport looks beautiful.

This post offers a great review.

Two modes of physical operation feel natural. To consume content the device may be held in a single hand, with your fingers curled around the back and your thumb flicking the touchscreen or keypad to scroll through pages. However, as soon as input is required – either typing or selecting things on screen – it becomes a two-handed device. If you’re comfortable with this requirement for two hands, the Passport is convenient to use. If you are avowedly committed to single-handed operation of mobile devices, it will be frustrating – the width of the screen means you simply can’t reach some parts of the display.

Will it succeed?


Here’s the thing, though. This device is, as I said, beautiful and it’s functional. And it has an amazing keyboard. And it’s secure, great for the enterprise.

Meanwhile, Microsoft hasn’t figured out their smartphone plan and Apple has become, well, commonplace. iPhones are everywhere. They are not special. Blackberry needs to take advantage of these market realities and market the Passport as both great for the enterprise — and the device that shows the world you, with your Blackberry, are headed for the top.