First Rule Of Journalism

Damn journalists.

Two months ago, I wrote “First Rule Of Homebrew Drone Club.”

Drones are the next revolution, the next insanely great thing, the pirate, the multi-billion dollar business.

If I were the next Steve Jobs, I would dream of drones. If I were the next Bill Gates, I would envision software empowering drones built on every kitchen table.

You were not part of the original Homebrew Computer Club. You’ve just been given a second chance.

Yesterday, and without crediting me at all, AP’s Scott Mayerowitz wrote “Drone Market Resembles Silicon Valley’s Early Days.”

In many ways, the nascent drone industry looks a lot like the personal computer industry did in its infancy. The money to fuel development is coming largely from entrepreneurs’ own checkbooks.

Damn journalists.

No clicks. No sponsors. Just truth. Sometimes rage.