Fuck You, Peasant. I’m Team Apple.

What happened to Apple? And when?

Was it when Steve Jobs died? When Tim Cook realized how much money rich Chinese will pay for “luxury” goods?

Was it when the former CEO of Burberry took control of Apple Stores?

Or, perhaps, when Jony Ive became Sir Jonathan Ive?

And why has the Apple echo chamber kept in lock step with this tragic transformation?

As Sir Jony is chauffeured around in his half-million-dollar Bentley, he makes disparaging remarks about the “insipid” cars that the commoners drive. Or mocks the much-lower-priced Android smartphones.

Instead of taking Apple to task for building a do-nothing Watch, while draining badly needed resources from iPhone and software teams, Gruber writes lovingly about how much money Watch will make Apple. When did still more money for the world’s richest company become a thing the Apple bloggers prize?

Now this let-them-eat-cake nonsense from iMore, which is apparently not satire:

Don’t hate me because I want the gold Apple Watch Edition to cost $10,000

Personally, I’m hoping Gruber’s initial prediction is on par with Apple’s official Watch Edition pricing. A $10,000 (or even more expensive) Apple Edition Watch is an Apple watch I’ll actually want to wear. And, strapped to my wrist at that price point, I hope it will give me the same emotional pleasure as the other traditional luxury watches I already own.

Written without shame.

For years, the Apple Echo Chamber has mocked those businesses who are IN A RACE TO THE BOTTOM!

Maybe it was never about business? Maybe it was simply never wanting to be associated with those beneath their lofty station.

Which, at Tim Cook’s Apple, is apparently anyone in the bottom 99%.

Such a fucking waste.