Google Doomed!

The Google Doomed! meme continues to gain momentum.




Per Ben Thompson:

Apple may very well be in a similar situation to early-eighties IBM or early-oughts Microsoft: a hugely profitable company bestride the tech industry that at the moment seems infallible, but that history will show to have peaked in dominance and relevancy.

Oops! Strike that. Thompson said Google, not Apple.

And there’s the rub.

It’s the *exact* same argument that the *exact* same bloggers say *can’t* be applied to Apple.

Because magic.

Oh, and the still dead Steve Jobs.

Reality, of course, is a bit more messy.

Google dominates search. Search is and remains extraordinarily important — and profitable.

Google’s Android platform is the most used computing platform in history.

Google’s Youtube may be the most influential digital video (and music) channel on the planet.

Google easily wins mapping and location, which are tremendously important in our mobile, social, digital realm.

We are in the very earliest days of data generation, given the birth of the Internet of Things and the fact that most of the world is still not connected to the Internet. No one does a better job of scanning, analyzing and selling data than Google.

This GOOGLE DOOMED! meme is utter nonsense.

Now, there is a case to be made that Google’s highest-margin service, search ads on PCs, will become radically diminished as search ads on PCs become a niche market. But Google has so much money and the best ad platforms for our existing world and this should easily fund their moves into our brave new world where everything and everyone is connected.

Google doomed? That’s just shoddy analysis. Or worse, tech bloggers who don’t really understand the very markets and the very companies they cover.