Google Glass. Bitcoin. Apple Watch. Peak Blog?

VCs lean heavily on tech blogs to promote their investments.

They dangle job offers to bloggers.

They advertise and sponsor blogger sites.

They outright fund them — as with, GigaOm and numerous others.

It’s long been an effective and affordable means of PR.

Are we at Peak Blog?

Seems so: Bitcoin continues to crash, hard. Google Glass is in disarray. These products — and their “ecosystems” — were aggressively backed by VCs and, unsurprisingly, aggressively promoted by their tech blog arms.

It may be that this method of promotion simply no longer works in an age of Twitter, Facebook, social media.

What about Apple?

Apple uses the Apple Echo Chamber to aggressively, non-stop talk up “upcoming” products and features. You’ll note that Apple bloggers who never gave one whit about expensive watches have all suddenly become not just expert in this market but oh a lover of such fine, pricey jewelry.

Or how as Surface gets more popular, they are now talking up a (non-existent) MacBook Air that’s damn close to an iPad. In other words — a Surface!

Or how the echo chamber is suddenly talking up how magically wonderful Siri *now* is —┬ájust as the Apple Watch, which is highly dependent on Siri working, is set for release.

You are being played. Now you know. Now the issue is, do you want to remain a sucker? If yes, in God’s name, why?

copyright brian s hall except for the images