iPad Not Even The Best iPad

Despite the aggressive marketing, despite the deal with IBM, the relationships with school districts, and despite Apple’s insistence that iPad is transformational, the type of device that turns your teenage Brian S Hall from the kid who gets bullied into the next Oscar-winning film director, iPad sales continue to, well, shit the bed.

It gets worse.

iPad is probably no longer even the best iPad.

The new Dell Venue 8 7000, so-named because Dell absolutely doesn’t want to sell even one of them, may be a better iPad than the iPad. At $399, it’s almost certainly a better value. From Recode:

At just 0.24-inch thick, Dell says the Venue 8 7000 is the world’s thinnest tablet. And it is impressively skinny.

The 8.4-inch, 2,560 by 1,600 pixel touchscreen is also gorgeous. Text looked crisp, and details and colors popped from the screen when I was looking at photos and video.

Not only does it look slick, but it also makes the tablet narrower than the iPad mini and Galaxy Tab S 8.4.

The Venue 8 7000 comes with an Intel Atom processor, two gigabytes of RAM and 16GB of internal storage with a microSD card slot.

Battery life was also impressive.

How did Apple allow this to happen? iPad is supposed to be one of their pillars.

Answer: a gaping disconnect between what Apple says iPad can do and what iPad actually does.

This is a serious problem.

Apple may tell you that you can do ‘real work’ on your iPad, and may offer you iWork for free, but you know better.

Apple may tell you that you can create the great American movie with iPad, but you know better.

Your iPad, if you’re even bothering to use it all, is a high-priced, high-margin Kindle. Because, and we’re just being honest here, that’s really what it’s best for.

As the Recode reviewer of the new Dell confesses:

I use my iPad mainly at home, as a reading and multimedia device, and for catching up on emails and social networks while watching TV. And the Venue 8 7000 handled all those tasks well.

And so do you.

And so does everyone.

To make a film, to do your work, the iPad is simply a poor tool for the job.

This is not a problem that is going to magically disappear. Worse for Apple Inc, is that they seem unprepared or possibly even incapable of correcting this. Worse still, their latest product, Watch, is even less functional, less useful — and more expensive!

High-priced screens that nobody really needs.

Lucky for Apple that iPhone will keep gushing profits.

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