iPad Not Ready For Primary Education

I have a feeling this LA public schools case is about to get really ugly really soon — and will drag more than one Apple employee down.

The Los Angeles Times reports that a federal grand jury has subpoenaed 20 boxes of records relating to the 2013 bidding process for a $1.3 billion contract to purchase iPads and educational software for students.

School district superintendent Ramon C. Cortines posted a confusing message on Facebook, tying the suspension of the troubled iPad project to the district’s efforts to meet Common Core requirements. Cortines explains that in order to continue Common Core work, additional iPads would be purchased “under a different contract with Apple” as well as Chromebooks from another vendor.

Apple obviously believes iPads will be a big seller in the education market. Given that iPad sales hit a wall this year, education is critical. No doubt, there were all manner of incentives to increase iPad sales to schools. Now the FBI is snooping around. Like I said, ugly.

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