Love In The Time Of Caller ID

“The Sun, a terribly average star in a terribly average galaxy is 300,000 times more massive than Earth. The solar system extends a distance of 150 billion kilometers. The Milky Way stretches across 100,000 light years. There are hundreds of billions of stars, possibly trillions, 1,000,000,000,001 stars, contained within the hundreds of billions of galaxies throughout the cosmos. Life, intelligent life, intelligent life that knew of Earth, that knew of Earth and sought to communicate with Earth, was out there. Jackie believed this, and had as long as he could remember.”

My novel, Love In The Time Of Caller ID, is available wherever Kindles are sold — and everywhere a Kindle app can be accessed.

It’s about a man who builds an app to call aliens, and succeeds.

Buy it! BUY IT! You may like it. It’s telling¬†of “pride and joy and greed and sex” may¬†resonate with you, may linger in your head like a Barry Manilow song, may inspire you to glory or, God forbid, ignominy. Oh, and it will support a writer.


And thank you.