Marissa Mayer Dolla Dollar Bill Yo

We know Marissa Mayer knows how to spend other people’s billions. At some point, she should develop a strategy. I mean, even $20 billion is a finite amount.

With the $640 million purchase of BrightRoll, an advertising technology firm that specializes in online video, the Sunnyvale, California-based Web giant has now spent more than $2.1 billion on acquisitions since Mayer’s arrival in July 2012. In fact, it has spent considerably more: That figure, calculated by S&P Capital IQ, reflects only eight of the 49 companies snapped up over the period. Prices for the other 41 weren’t disclosed publicly.

Maybe $4 billion?

Yahoo investors are suckers.

In defense of Mayer, Jay Yarow writes “In Defense Of Marissa Mayer.”

I do not recommend you waste your time. I’m fine if someone thinks Mayer is doing well at Yahoo, no matter how wrong they are. But Yarow’s long article is a muddled waste, probably intended to gin up link sharing.

If you must:

What has Marissa Mayer done to these investors to earn their scorn? Well, as Reuters points out, since she took over as CEO, Yahoo’s stock price has tripled.

Hm. Ok.

But what has Tim Armstrong done to earn investor’s love? Well, he’s doubled AOL’s valuation since taking over.

I’m not a math scientist, so I could be missing something here, but I’m almost certain that tripling is better than doubling.