Money Is A Proxy For Quality And Innovation

Anyone old enough to remember “it just works”?

Anyone recall the old days, back when the Echo Chamber cheered on Apple for quality? For innovation, disruption, breakthroughs?

As Apple’s quality of service has, er, lessened, and as the company has chosen ecosystem over product and quarterly earningsĀ over innovation, the Echo Chamber now cheers on Apple for…


Daring Fireball today:

Apple’s Profit Monopoly

Jean-Louis Gassee on Apple’s record breaking quarter


Sure would be nice if those record-breaking “monopoly” profits were put to better use. Why isn’t the Echo Chamber demanding that of Apple?

Why am I supposed to give a fuck that a $600 billion corporation is now valued at $700 billion? When Microsoft was taking most of the profits in the PC industry, did that mean superior quality? Innovation?

You know the answer.