Time For New Apple Myths

Steve Jobs is dead.

Apple hasn’t been pirate since Year 2 of iPod.

There’s no bigger, richer company on the planet.

CEO meets regularly with top officials in China.

And his biggest hires, bar none, have come from high-priced fashion concerns.

Oh, and per Apple Insider, the company is so big and rich that it’s dropping another $161  million on an additional auditorium and $74 million on another gym for its employees.

One more thing: the great Woz says that whole Apple started in a garage myth? Yeah, not true.

Prediction: the Echo Chamber will start coming up with all new myths and magical words — that delight! — that are proof, proof I say, that Apple has *always* been that way and *always* will be.

Protecting us against hackers. Delight. Only Apple. Diversity. You get the idea.

The old myths simply cannot be sustained. New ones will be required.

No clicks. No sponsors. Just truth. Sometimes rage.